Coborn’s adds cart sanitizing equipment

A Coborn’s Inc. employee uses a cordless electrostatic cleaning sprayer to disinfect carts. (Submitted photo)

Coborn’s, Inc. announced this week another new measure the company is taking to disinfect its shopping carts after guest use. The company’s supermarkets are now utilizing electrostatic cleaning sprayers to disinfect carts in an effort to minimize surface spread of the COVID-19 virus. Once shopping carts have been returned to cart areas, staff uses the Victory Cordless Sprayer to lightly mist disinfectant on the carts.

The cordless electrostatic cleaning sprayers hold enough product to clean a fully stocked cart room twice. The staff replenishes the product frequently to ensure carts are always clean. Once carts are cleaned, they are pushed forward for guests as they enter the store, ensuring that guests always have a cleaned cart as they begin their shopping experience. As used carts are brought back into the cart room, employees separate them from cleaned carts. As rows fill up, a fine mist is sprayed over the top and then they are pushed forward after they have been disinfected. The process usually takes about.......

See more in the November 19, 2020 edition of The New Prague Times.



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